Reduced pricing risk through faster, uncomplicated access to independent data

What is your role and company focus?

The Kuttenkeuler Group operates 64 petrol stations across Germany under the brand names BFT and ARAL. Additionally, we produce anti-freezing products for automotive, engine oils and lubricants, while also trading fuels. I am the Business Unit Manager for Fuels and have worked for the company for more than 17 years.


How has Argus helped you overcome your challenges?

To ensure security of supply, we require fast and reliable access to data in order to identify regional purchasing prices. These prices are linked to pricing at our petrol stations.

Argus OMR German inland prices now provide a solid basis for us to buy on and link term contracts to, something we were previously unable to do. We now also base our internal transfer prices on Argus OMR, so we can link retail sales to an index in order to minimise basic internal risk and cost of human resources. With these prices already factoring in the THG quota bio component, as well as taxes, the result is less volatile index portions, making it easier for us to plan around.


What key outcomes have Argus helped you achieve?

We now have faster, uncomplicated access to independent data. This has saved us much more time and now we are able to insert the data into our invoices. With independent domestic pricing that reflects the actual market price within German regions, we are now able reduce the risk from having prices linked to international markets. Argus offers a very good and reliable service, with comprehensive information and market data.


David Sommerhäuser
Business Unit Manager Fuels
Kuttenkeuler Group