Changes to delivery of Low/High-Quotations (Germany) as CSV file by FTP/SFTP

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published: 21.10.2020 (by E-Mail)

Dear Client,

as part of the ongoing integration of O.M.R. processes into Argus Media processes, there are changes to data delivery via FTP/SFTP.
This applies specifically to the CSV files we provide and, due to the change in the Argus O.M.R. low/high methodology announced this year, will take effect from 1 January 2021.
From this date, the transaction-based Argus O.M.R. Low/High assessments will replace the previous Low/High assessments (Germany).

Important note: The provision of the previous CSV files for Low/High assessments (Germany) will therefore be discontinued on 31 December 2020 and will apply to the following files:

- dinlande.csv
- quotation_germany_day_de_last.csv
- quotation_germany_day_en_last.csv
- quotation_germany_decade_de_last.csv
- quotation_germany_decade_en_last.csv
- quotation_germany_month_de_last.csv
- quotation_germany_month_en_last.csv
- quotation_germany_semimonth_de_last.csv
- quotation_germany_semimonth_en_last.csv
- quotation_germany_week_de_last.csv
- quotation_germany_week_en_last.csv

In order to enable you to familiarise yourself with the upcoming changes and to adapt your programming, we are providing you with the new CSV files in the new format for your necessary adjustments as of today.

For this purpose a new folder called "GerFuel" has been created in your FTP/SFTP directory. A csv file with the current assessments will be provided in this folder on a daily basis.
The file name is "latestdgerfuel.csv" and this contains all the assessments published on the current day, including: weekly, decade, half-month and monthly averages.
In addition, a file with the current date in the name will be provided, e.g. "20200930dgerfuel.csv" (YYYYMMDD), so that you can also access data from the last few days.

To make it easier for you to assign the previous O.M.R.-IDs to the new Argus PA Codes, we have created a csv file which you can download here: map OMR IDs to Argus PA Codes.csv

Please note that the transaction-based Argus O.M.R. Low/High (Germany) assessments also introduce new regions, which have not been included in this file.

A detailed description of the new CSV files can be found here (Argus data documentation).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:[


With kind regards

Your Argus O.M.R. Team